Course Overview:

Confidence is that powerful quality that some people simply have. They walk into a room and immediately command attention – without saying anything! World leaders have it, company CEO’s have it, and so do politicians, lawyers and successful entrepreneurs. Power does it to you. It makes you more assertive, serf-assured and, yes, confident.

But what about those of us who do not wield great power? Can we do something to look and feel more confident? The answer is yes. We can change the way we think and feel about ourselves by improving our body language. Body-mind interplay is a two way street. The mind shapes the body but the body also shapes the mind. This course will show you how to use your body language both to appear and to feel more confident.

Aim of this Workshop:

• Learn how to project confidence with your body language
• Discover how to boost your confidence through the use of power poses
• Identify and deal with low confidence body language habits.

Who is this course for?

•Everyone can benefit from being more aware of the message they’re actually giving beyond the words they are saying, especially:
• Managers wanting to appear confident and command respect from their employees.
• Frontline personnel wanting to create a positive impression for their company.
• Students and young adults wanting to make a good impression in job interviews or in the workplace.
• People who get nervous and lose confidence before high stakes events, such as public speaking.

Course Content:

• Body talks – What is body language? Why is it important to master it?
• Inside Out – How does our brain control our body language?
• Disappearing Act – What does the body language of low confidence look like? What are your own nervous body language habits?
• Lion King – What can you do about your posture, gestures and gaze to appear more confident?
• Outside In – How does our body language control our brain and how to use it to feel more confident?
• Transformers – How to use body language to super charge our confidence before high stakes events?

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand how the brain controls our body language
• Realise that mind-body interaction is a two way street and that you can use your body language to feel more confident
• Widen your nonverbal communication knowledge to enrich your body language toolbox with high confidence moves

What will you gain?

• Realise what types of insecure, nervous and submissive body language you use
• Understand which body language moves make people appear confident
• Better manage your own body language to project confidence
• Learn body language techniques for boosting confidence before high stakes events

We are in the process of finalising dates for our courses in 2018 with the trainers and will include the schedule below as soon as it is available.

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