Course overview:

What is the ‘Personal Brand’ you would like to build for yourself?

How will you keep yourself motivated to achieve the same?

What is a winning attitude made of?

This highly interactive Confidence and Motivation workshop will help you to identify the essential components to develop your confidence and motivation. This workshop is also reflective and will guide you to discover, the deeper connections between self-esteem and self-confidence, what is motivation made of and the components of a winning attitude.

Course Content:

  • Understand why you lack confidence and motivation.
  • Understand the definition of confidence and what that means for individuals.
  • Recognising what influences your personal image.
  • “Reprogramming” techniques for changing the way you see yourself and the world around you.
  • Improving your own self-esteem using specific positive thought and expectation techniques.
  • Identifying productive and unproductive behaviours and their effect on ourselves and others.
  • Improve your confidence when dealing with people.
  • Learn how to inspire and motivate yourself

Aims of the workshop:

  • Boost confidence, self-esteem and motivation.
  • Learn self-improvement techniques and skills to enable and support personal growth and well-being.
  • Provide learners with the ability to self-reflect and better understand themselves and others.

Course outcome:

At the end of this course, you would be able to:

  • Describe the importance of Self-Esteem and its impact on your life
  • Discuss connections between Self Esteem and Self Confidence
  • State what motivation is made of and how to sustain motivation to achieve your goals
  • Describe what a winning attitude is made of

We are in the process of finalising dates for our courses in 2018 with the trainers and will include the schedule below as soon as it is available.

Course Date:

  • 3rd September 2018
  • 12th September 2018

Course Time: 10:00 am – 14:00 pm

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