Course overview:

This is a series of self-contained but related workshops on anger management, suitable for the general public.
It is of value both to those who have an anger problem and to those who
live and work with others who have an anger problem.

Course content:

Each workshop consists of the following dynamic and interactive elements

  1. Preliminary exploration
  2. Initial meditation
  3. Initial meditation
  4. Discovery
  5. Evaluation and analysis
  6. Practical solutions

Please see below for more details on each session for this course, there is a total of 9 sessions that will be presented on a monthly basis.

We are in the process of finalising dates for our courses in 2019 with the trainers and will include the schedule below as soon as it is available.

Month 1

Recognising our anger
● Example 1 ­ Bad mood, irritability
● Anger is a state of mind, not physical or verbal, though it often comes through in our speech and physical behaviour
● Change your mood through breathing

Preventing anger at an early stage
● Example 2 ­ Bad temper, short fuse
● Anger is a toxic mind, a cancer of the mind, destroying one’s own and other’s happiness, relationships, and trust and consuming all the good energy in our mind after anger the mind is a wasteland
● Early intervention

Course Date: 15th April 2019

Course Time: 6pm – 8pm

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Month 2

Letting go of angry thoughts and feelings
● Example 3 ­ Resentment
● Anger lingers and is hard to let go of
● Preventing unhappy minds

When we don’t get our own way
● Example 4 ­ Not getting your own way
● Anger destroys harmony and cooperation
● Reducing attachment to our own ideas

Course Date: TBC

Course Time: TBC

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Month 3

Strains in a relationship
● Example 5 ­ Being critical and judgemental
● Anger can be particularly destructive in close relationships
● Tolerance and respect

When anger becomes hatred
● Example 6 ­ Hatred, dislike, disrespect
● There is no good anger, it is only destructive
● Empathy and cherishing others

Course Date: TBC

Course Time: TBC

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Month 4

Patient acceptance
● Example 7 ­ Impatience and annoyance
● Anger is an immature response to an unwanted situation, a rejection rather than acceptance
● Accepting when things don’t work out the way you want

Anger robs us of our reason and good sense
● Example 8 ­ Seeing red, rage
● It is an exaggeration, disregarding any positive factors and focusing only on the
negative factors and exaggerating them
● Keeping things in perspective, being realistic

Course Date: TBC

Course Time: TBC

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Month 5

Non Harmfulness
● Example 9 ­ Retaliation
● Anger is always a harmful mind, it involves some kind of wish to reject, destroy, disparage, harm, retaliate
● Non­-harmfulness

The transformative power of positive thinking
●Example 10 ­ Being locked into negative thoughts and feelings
●Anger is holds onto and rationalizes negative views
●When is a problem not a problem?

Course Date: TBC

Course Time: TBC

Fee: FREE – £5 refundable deposit – click here to pay your deposit

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