About Us

Lifetime Learning is a Charitable Organisation providing FREE courses within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH). Lifetime Learning started in 2012. Since the birth of Lifetime Learning, the organisation has grown and further providing more courses.

Lifetime Learning’s main source of funding is achieved through Analyse School Performance (ASP) Training and Consultancy. Analyse School Performance (ASP) Training and Consultancy is provided for all schools and local authorities, analysing the school’s performance and progress data. The mission is to provide quality and multifaceted courses in education and training for Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Special, Church and Independent Schools.

Lifetime Learning started off providing IT Training to disadvantaged young people in Tower Hamlets. We have successfully grown and now provide over 15 different courses that are open to the general public!

Lifetime Learning is dedicated to working with individuals who want to better themselves.  Achieving the fulfilment of education and helping individuals achieve sustainable employment in their desired fields is what we strive for. We work towards spreading permanent change in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets by reducing the unemployment rate, as well as  increasing health and social well-being.

Lifetime Learning works with grassroots organisations that have gone through a stringent selection process. Would you like to partner with us? If so, the following must be taken into consideration:

  • Lifetime Learning gives priority to the work supported by volunteers. Funds are raised in the UK by organising events and through donations given by individuals, sponsorships, partnerships and organisations.
  • Lifetime Learning has strict screening procedures and shortlists project applications.
  • The Board of Trustees authorises a project.
  • Lifetime Learning uses the management facility in accordance with projects supported in the UK.

While we try our very best to ensure that courses run as scheduled, occasionally we may need to cancel or reschedule a course due to unforeseen circumstances or low numbers. Please do not attend any courses without confirmation via phone or email. If you do not receive confirmation, the course may not be going ahead. If you attend without booking or receiving confirmation, we will not accept any liability for any costs or inconvenience that may occur.


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