“The Advantage” Personal Effectiveness Programme – How to become more adaptable to change?

How to become more adaptable to change?

This programme is built up of 7 workshops;

  • 1. “How to become more adaptable to change?”
  • 2. “How to unlock your inner Optimism”
  • 3. “How to treat yourself and others with Empathy and Compassion”
  • 4. Being Proactive
  • 5. Critical Thinking
  • 6. Resilience
  • 7. Integrity


“How to become more adaptable to change”

Want to learn how to develop the skill of adaptability, deal with the unexpected and see change as a good thing?

You will achieve this in our new workshop!

You can’t miss this workshop if you would like to become a better version of yourself that’s more competent, confident and capable of success.

Course overview:

We live in the world full of vitality, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). ‘The only constant is change’ – as a Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said. Change is all around and often unpredictable. Unfortunately, our brain doesn’t like change, that’s why it is so hard to adapt. We prefer to stay with what’s familiar, but if we keep living in our ‘cosy bubbles’, we won’t grow. We need to learn to quickly adapt to new situations and keep developing. That’s the only way to succeed in today’s world, for individuals and businesses alike.

This highly interactive workshop will help you to better understand what is adaptability, analyse its benefits, as well as mental barriers to change. It will allow you to identify the essential components to develop the skill of adaptability in a way that is effective. An experienced facilitator will guide you through a reflective self-discovery. You will explore practical tips for applying adaptability in your own life and have an opportunity to create a personal action plan.

Aims of the workshop:

  • Provide the participants with a better understanding of what is adaptability, how it impacts our life and how to develop it
  • Enable a greater self-awareness
  • Equip the participants in effective techniques to deal with unexpected situations and changes
  • Support mental well-being

Course content:

The course is divided into 3 main parts:

  1. What is adaptability made of?
  2. Why is adaptability the key to a successful life?
  3. How to develop the skills of adaptability

The first part explores how we define adaptability, what is it made of and what characterizes adaptable people.

The second part explains the importance of developing adaptability skills. It links adaptability to some basic neuroscience concepts, allowing you to understand mental barriers to change and how to overcome them.

The third part provides practical tips and techniques to develop the skill of adaptability. It introduces the concept of Growth Mindset and offers a 5-step model for personal effectiveness. It also enables participants to set their own goals and establish an action plan.

Course outcome:

At the end of this course, you would be able to:

  • Explain what is adaptability
  • Describe benefits of and barriers to adaptability, and their impact on your life
  • Better understand the concept of Growth Mindset
  • Recommend ways to challenge mental blocks and enhance adaptability to achieve your goals
  • Create your own Change Plan

Delivery method:

The workshop is inspired by a learner-centred approach and experiential learning principles. It empowers the participants to discover, explore and put into practice the skills and knowledge they learn. It involves highly interactive group work, with guided discussions, reflections and visualisations, which aim to accelerate the learning process. The workshop is designed to suit all types of learning styles, offering a hands-on action planning at the end.

Course Date: 

  •  Post-Poned – Please contact us to express your interest.

Course Time: TBC


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