How do you speak to yourself?

The Author of the Book called Miracle of Self-Love is Barbel Mohr discusses her research to discover how people communicate with themselves. The research results made Mohr discover that we talk to ourselves in an extremely unfriendly.

Maybe, we adopted this habit during childhood or adolescence, when other people criticized us, our classmates made fun of us (to make themselves feel better and gloss over their own low self-esteem) and when the whole world seemed to be against us. Now it is high time for us to change this habit.

The survey used to discovered this included the following question;

‘When talking to yourself negatively, what is it you usually say an how often do you say such things to yourself ?

– I ‘m such an idiot
– I ’m useless
– I ‘ll never be able to do that
– Everyone else can do it but I ‘m just too stupid
– I’ll be alone forever
– I’m so silly I’ve messed up again I ‘ll never learn
– I don’t trust my self’

When asked how often the participants spoke with themselves in this manner, people’s answers were as follows:

‘Well actually there are several comments of that sort every day’

This is what we call negative self-hypnosis. Each thought naturally results in a feeling, which then seems to confirm the thought and this process goes on and on in unhealthy, repeating and amplifying loop.

When talking with good friends about their ‘secret internal communication’, you soon notice everyone comes up with similar sentences. That has nothing to do with objectivity but rather with fears and thinking habits. And we’ll go ahead right now and change them on the spot.’’

This guided meditation will include;

  • An exploration of the list of things you would like to have on our special workshop and transform all those aspects needs to transform.
  • Ancient and new sacred wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques.

Meditation Instructor – Hilal has practiced meditation for more than 11 years and is fully Certified Reiki Practitioner & Reconnective Healing Practitioner for one-on-one services.

As a Certified Divine Healing Hands Healer Hilal works with large or small Groups giving meditation and energy healing to rejuvenate, transform and give clarity on all levels, including mental and emotional issues, physical health and transformation of relationships, finances, intelligence and more. DHH sessions boost energy, stamina, vitality and immunity – and relieve stress and burn-out.

Having previously experienced first hand the effects of stress and burn-out in the Corporate world and having recovered using these modalities, Hilal now brings these healing techniques to Corporations, Organizations and their most valuable asset, their people!

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