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WordPress customiser page will appear once user clicked on the [Customise Your Site] button that shown at the center of the Dashboard Page when WordPress was just installed or Customiser Page can also be accessed by clicking the [Customize] menu that can be found under [Appearance] menu.

Below is the first way to go to WordPress Customiser Page when WordPress has been installed for the first time. Just simply click on the [Customise Your Site] blue button.

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Below is another way to access the WordPress Customiser Page from [Appearance] menu, select [Customise].



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The WordPress Customiser Page allows users to preview changes to the site before publishing it. Users can also preview the site in the other available themes by changing the theme.

WordPress Customiser Page provides the following menus:

  1. Change the theme
  2. Site Identity
    • Site Title
    • Tagline
    • Site Icon
  3. Colors
    • Base Color Scheme
    • Background Color
    • Page Background Color
    • Link Color
    • Main Text Color
    • Secondary Text Color
  4. Header Image
  5. Background Image
  6. Menus
    • Menu Locations
    • Available Menus Management
  7. Widgets
  8. Static Front Page