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Over the years, we have successfully provided opportunities to individuals to gain experience and even explore multiple interests to assist them in achieving sustainable employment. Please see the below testimonials from some of our previous team members:

‘My 6 month internship with Lifetime Learning was a wonderful experience, affording me the chance to gain essential skills in a stimulating and fast-paced environment.
My initial role was as a digital designer but I was later able to gain experience in web administration, HR, events management and marketing. I really appreciated the responsibility I was given at an early stage, and being exposed to the various media & design software platforms gave me the tools and skills I use today in my current job. As a recent graduate – I was short on experience but received great guidance on how to succeed in the workplace and in the charity and educational sector.
I believe my time spent at Lifetime Learning was hugely beneficial to my personal and professional development but more importantly I was able to work as part of a talented team on projects that I truly cared about.’ Zain Mahmood, Digital Designer.

‘I believe that in this day and age, when it comes to getting job opportunities, I feel that experience is very influential. These days it is not just qualifications that can secure a job in the future. Having the experience as an intern, being in an environment and adapting to full time work has given me much more knowledge than any University course can offer and I am very grateful to lifetime learning for giving me this opportunity.’  Pete Sansford, Software Technical Support Intern.

‘Working at Lifetime Learning was a great starting point for me as a graduate. I worked as an Admin/Sales officer during the time at Lifetime Learning and it was completely different from what I have studied at university. I have had a lot of support from my colleagues and seniors to teach and guide me through. As I had little knowledge about admin/sales, and during the time at Lifetime Learning, I was able to learn and understand about the roles. It was also a great opportunity to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of myself, as well as an opportunity to gain experience in this field to pursue my future career.’ Emily Ng, Admin/Sales Officer.

‘During my internship at Lifetime Learning, as a Graphic Designer I had the opportunity to develop new skills and work on a variety of projects, from designing Android and IPhone icons to designing 2d and 3d logos, leaflets layout and even doing CGI renderings. Although I had used MacBook’s before, the internship gave me the opportunity to become better acquainted and confident in using them.
I am grateful for the time spent there, which left me with many positive memories.’  
Mihail Bila, Graphic Designer.

‘It is a great opportunity to gain practical experience in an office environment. With the friendly atmosphere to work, we have very welcoming colleagues. This experience has definitely helped improve my strengths and tackling my weaknesses. An internship looks great on CVs and the experience gained will help to get a job in the future’Halima Khatun, Finance Intern.

‘Working at Lifetime Learning has given me the opportunity to build up on my career. As well as the opportunity to learn my strengths and weaknesses are in particular areas. Through Lifetime learning I managed to work with a great group of people and improve my communication skills. I would like to say thanks to our director Aykut for giving me this opportunity.’ Ali Khawari, IT Programming Intern.

‘My experience in Lifetime Learning was the most clever step that I made for my career. I arrived to the UK in 2012 and started to work in hospitality while going to English courses to improve my English. Despite of having a business degree in Spain, getting a job in my field was quite hard. After many fail interviews, I realised that I needed to have office experience in the UK in order to get a job. This is when I decided to apply for a Administrative Assistant position at Lifetime Learning in 2013. During my experience in the organisation, I was able to learn how a office environment is in London. I improve my organisation and IT skills as well as my confidence. People there was very helpful and willing to show new skills. To be more specific, I was in charge of the training sessions organisation, which meant that I had the responsibility of making sure that all material and facilities were ready for consultants as well as manage other people. I was helping the organisation to deliver an excellent customer service.

After few months in Lifetime Learning, I got a job in an office an then I decided I wanted to do a master in the UK. I currently work as a Supply Chain Executive in an international company. Thanks Lifetime Learning Team!!’ Maria Trapote, Admin Assistant.