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WordPress Beginner Lifetime Learning Training

Learn all about WordPress and begin managing your website like a pro.

Our course covers the following topics.

You’ll learn how to build a WordPress website, from content organisation, optimization, working with extensions and basic web marketing.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up a local development environment
  • How to setup and organize content on your Site.
  • Choosing and configuring your site components, modules and plugins.
  • Choosing and adjusting templates.
  • Content is King – Optimisation
  • Search engine optimization
  • How to manage websites like a pro
  • Build a real website together in the class
  • Template editing
  • Must have extensions/plugins
  • Basic marketing


  • Introduction to the Course
  • What is a Content Management System?
  • How to get the most out of the Course
  • Resources you’ll need for the course


  • Manual Installation at Your ISP
  • One Click Installation at Your ISP


  • Navigating the Public Site
  • Navigating the Administrator Site


  • The Workflow
  • Category Management
  • Post Manager
  • Adding a New Article
  • Introduction to JCE
  • Creating Articles – Inserting and Formatting Text
  • Creating Articles – Inserting and Formatting Images
  • Creating Articles – Inserting Code
  • Featured Articles
  • Media Manager
  • Menu Manager
  • Link to an Article
  • Link to a Blog
  • Link to a List


  • Overview of Extensions
  • Extension Manager
  • Banners
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Newsfeeds
  • Redirects
  • Search
  • Web links
  • Module Manager
  • New Modules
  • Plugins
  • Language Manager


  • What is a Template?
  • Template Manager


  • Global Configuration
  • User Manager
  • User Manager Options
  • ACL
  • Help Menu
  • Maintenance and Security of Your Site

WordPress Intermediate Class


  • Introduction to the Course and File Downloads
  • Refresher as a CMS
  • Installing your site from scratch
  • Installing your site using a host’s one click
  • Under the hood – Directories, files, database

Content Editing

  • Overview of JCE
  • Installing & Configuring JCE
  • Row One and Two
  • Row Three and Four
  • Section tasks


  • Intro / Directories / Files
  • Overview of Some Major Components
  • Sample Component – K2 – install / setup
  • Creating a blog with K2
  • Mass Content
  • Section Tasks


  • Intro / Directories / Files
  • Editing Modules
  • Module Positions and Modules in Articles
  • MetaMod
  • Section Tasks


  • Intro / Directories / Files
  • Favourite Plugins
  • Section Tasks


  • Intro / Directories / Files
  • Simple edits – index.php
  • Simple edits – CSS
  • Adding a logo
  • Advanced Templates & Module Class Suffix
  • Section Tasks

Advanced Lifetime Learning WordPress – Learn All the Advanced Aspects of WordPress to Become a WordPress Master

Following on from our popular Introduction to Lifetime Learning WordPress course, we are now offering an Advanced WordPress Course. This course will cover advanced concepts to help you manage your website like a professional.

In our basic WordPress course you learn how to build a fully-fledged your website in one day. Our advanced course builds on that will teach the following concepts that you will need to configure your website further:

  • Uploading your website from a local host to a web hosting server
  • Advanced content parameters – learn how the parameter system works to change aspects such as showing the author information, the created date and time, meta tags, whether the title is clickable or not, showing or hiding page headings and much more.
  • Templates – understanding the template structure, modifying templates in a simple fashion, and modifying templates in an advanced fashion using template overrides.
  • Advanced content parameters – understanding the content parameters and the various places that they can be set
  • Global configuration settings – what are they and what do they mean?
  • Advanced module management – unlock the true power of WordPress and learn how to manage your modules as well as the various modules available.
  • Advanced components – there are various built in components such as banners and polls that should be mastered.
  • Make your site SEO friendly. SEO overview – which components and plugins to use.

Is This Course For You?

You will benefit from this course if you:

  • Have advanced HTML, CSS and PHP knowledge and/or
  • Have set up a couple of websites before using the standard settings and templates and would like to move to the next level and/or
  • Have attended the Introduction to course

Additional Items We Offer

  • Comprehensive training guides
  • Small class sizes for a better learning experience
  • A certificate of attendance
  • CD full of valuable software, templates, guides, and resources.

Course Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Course Date:

17th September

Fee: £10 per person

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Location: 225 Marsh Wall, Angel House, London E14 9FW
T: 0207 001 7730
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