Life Skills & Employability

Daily job life requires Hard skills just like Word, Excel and Co., but the so called “Soft Skills” are getting more and more important.

We offer a range of FREE courses to help you to think positive, transform your relationships and much more.

You can take a closer look at all of our life skills & employability courses below.

Four Power Techniques for a Happier and Healthier Life Workshop

This special workshop will align your mind-body-soul wherever you are as a beginner or an advanced seeker of happiness.

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Life Vision-Board Workshop

A Vision Board is a way to visualise your own ideas and allow them to come to life. The workshop aims to anchor your dreams and allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life. Intentionally manifest your dreams. Finally!

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Anger Management

This is a series of self-contained workshops on anger management, suitable for those who struggle with an anger problem and to those who live and work with others who exhibit anger issues.

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Confidence and Motivation Workshop

This highly interactive Confidence and Motivation workshop will help you to identify and explore the essential components to develop your confidence and motivation

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Guided Meditation for Self Esteem

Hilal has practiced meditation for more than 11 years and is fully Certified Reiki Practitioner & Reconnective Healing Practitioner for one-on-one services

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How to Cope with Stress Effectively and Manage Time

This half-day workshop is a highly interactive and reflective course which will help you examine what triggers stress in your life and how to overcome them

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Employability Skills

You will get individual help in finding employment or an apprenticeship, including CV and Job Search skills, interview skills, job applications, self-management skills, team work, and setting and meeting targets

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Job Search, Job Application and Interview Skills Workshop

Learn how to set and achieve your employment goals, search for a job effectively online and apply key strategies and tips to increase your chances of getting hired

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“The Advantage” Personal Effectiveness Programme

Would you like to become more adaptable to change? You can’t miss this workshop if you would like to become a better version of yourself that’s more competent, confident and capable of success

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Transform Your Relationships

Relationships are one of life’s biggest blessings and greatest challenges. In this workshop Hilal shares soulful wisdom to support you with your most challenging problems

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What your Body Language Says About You

Confidence is a powerful quality that some people simply have. This course will show you how to use your body language to appear and feel more confident

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